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How to prepare for your Senior Session

Senior year can be a fun and exciting time, or if your like I was, the blissful end of school. I was not a school person and was so stinking excited to finally be an “adult”.

Now as your last year of school is coming to a close being able to capture how you are in this moment is important! So let’s cover some basic tips on how to prepare for your session.

Lets start with wardrobe:

-Choose clothing that suits your body and fits well. This is a very key component, because if you don’t feel comfortable or confident in what your wearing, you may convey that emotion during your session.

-Choose complimentary colors. I love earth tones (browns, creams, pastels, sage greens, Smokey blues, black and white ❤️). You cant go wrong with those tones! -Keep to simple textures (I love lace and knit sweaters) and try to stay away from logos and bold designs.

- Neutral undergarments are a MUST! This way we won’t have to worry as much if anything becomes visible. Bra straps are notorious for siding down, so this will make editing afterwards a whole lot quicker.

-Feel free to accessorize. Hats, scarves, jewelry, etc. looks amazing and add your own personal little flair.

-Not sure what to wear? Let me know. Send me pictures of what you are thinking and I can help guide you! I do suggest a few dressy outfits, and some casual ones too.

Now that we covered wardrobe let’s talk props...or hobby items.

A lot of Seniors like to incorporate their hobbies or extracurricular activities. For instance if you enjoy dance, bring along an outfit or ballet shoes. If you play an instrument bring your favorite sheet music, or instrument. If you love to draw or paint bring some of your supplies and artwork.

Not sure what you want to incorporate? Let me know! I can try to help you along with some ideas!

Before your session try to be well hydrated and rested. Water is AMAZING for skin and being hydrated will just give you a beautiful glow.

If you have any ideas please let me know! I cannot wait for your session and to capture the essence of you.

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