• Emily Furman

Preparing for your in home session.

Doing sessions at home are a wonderful way to make your portraits just that much more special, and comfortable. You can take your time getting ready, you're already in a familiar place and your kids are always more comfortable at home.

Here are some tips to help your session go more smoothly and to get the look and style you see on my website.

1. Lighting. Before your session: Send me pictures of the rooms you would like pictures taken in (for instance, nursery, master bedroom, living room). Make sure the windows are open so I can get an idea of how much light is in each room. If you are unsure I don’t mind taking a look around the day of the session and finding the light.

The day of the session: Let’s open those windows and let that beautiful natural light in.

2. Minimize Clutter. Places to watch for clutter: nightstands, end tables, coffee tables, and couches (extra blankets with bright colors or patterns). Keeping your spots cleared of extra clutter and focusing on simplicity allows the focus to be on your family. Also it helps to walk around and think “would I want this in the background of our picture?" If not put it away, or let’s move it for a bit. We want the focus to be on your family, while still highlighting the beauty of your home.

Not sure your home is right for an in home session? I do have a backdrop and stand I will bring just in case.

3. Preparing baby before session. Give your little one a bath shortly before our session and if you don't want breastfeeding pictures, nurse just shortly before I arrive. Keep them in simple clothing (a white onesie is perfect), and just let them be. If you have anything special you would like included in the session, let me know. I always try to incorporate those!

4. Wardrobe/Clothes. I provide client wardrobe for all clients, I'll send you a link of some items I have for each of your kiddos (I'll just need their sizes) and for you and your husband and you can let me know what your interested in. All my gowns are chosen to flatter mamas, wether pregnant or postpartum.

If you would prefer to wear your own clothes I encourage you to stick to the light neutral colors (White, cream, light grey) or light pastels (pink, blue, etc).

5. Keeping your home warm during the session is very important. It will allow your little one to be more snuggly and sleepy. However if they are alert we will still capture those sweet images. I usually suggest keeping your home above 70 degrees (75 degrees).

6. Pets are welcome to be included in your session, however please let me know ahead of time. I also cannot guarantee there will be "The perfect" shot as pets sometimes have minds of their own, but I will sure try my best.

7. Babies can sleep through a lot, so please don't worry about noises. I've often noticed that if we get the house quiet and all of a sudden the kids run through it can startle the baby, whereas if there is always constant noise, they just sleep right on through.

8. You can schedule your newborn session between 7-14 days after your baby is born. I understand that this can be a busy time for you and I want to let you know that sessions later are perfectly fine as well. During the 7-14 days you are usually done with any testing that a may be needed and your baby hasn't quite hit that growth stage, they are easier to settle and still sleep often, so that is just a good suggested age.

9. Relax. I want you to enjoy your session, I normally just go with the flow, if your kiddos need a break or the baby, we take a break. Im not in a hurry, my goal is to capture your memories. I also know that it's sometimes hard having someone in your home, so I do try to get what I need quickly without hurrying through.

I hope this helps, please let me know of any questions you have!

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