• Emily Furman

What is Success? (Brush Colorado Photographer)

I see this topic a lot in business education. “Write down what will make you feel successful.” For some, it’s been a specific amount of income, or having a store front, or having lots of customers or clients. I kept thinking I needed to define all these same things for my business, but here recently that has shifted. 

My success, my business success, will be if you feel loved, cared for, connected. Do you leave loving your session? Did you have fun? Did you feel treasured? 

Too often we can go into a business and we are either not noticed, not treated well, or treated well, but then forgotten once we have paid for our service. 

I don't want to be that way, I don’t want my business to be that way.  

So what does this mean for my business?

A lot of changes behind the scenes. Like a whole lot. I’ve been so quiet lately on my social media because I have really been pondering how to change things for the better.

I’m only taking a couple clients a month. Which also means I’m only taking on a handful of new families a year. Because I want to be friends. I want to know your family and capture them. I want you to leave feeling loved, treasured, and LOVING your portraits.

So, for now, could you let me know some ways that would make you feel loved, treasured, noticed and cared for? I have a whole slew of ideas...but I want to hear from you!!

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