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Business Feature: Simply Stated Creations, Fort Morgan Colorado

1. Can you provide me with a description of your business?

Simply Stated Creations is a locally owned by myself and my mom, Marcia Bledsoe, and we handmake our own bath and body products. We have products ranging from lotion to bath bombs to sugar scrubs and are slowly adding in home products like scented wax and linen spray. 2. How long have you been in business?

Our business originally started as a hobby when I was trying to get pregnant. I was wanting to eliminate toxins and junk in the products I used. My mom did all the research and started formulating products. That was in 2015. After friends and family asked about what we were doing, and asked if we could make something that smelled like bubblegum or their favorite fragrance, we organically turned into a business!

Fort Morgan Colorado Bath and Body

3. What have you previously done and how does this business differ?

My mom Marcia, was a Head Start Director for 25 years before she recently left education and pursued Simply Stated Creations as a full time gig. So handmaking products is a lot different from early childhood education! I have been in the debt collection industry for 13 years. I’ve been the Manager of the Legal Department since 2011 and am still working full time. Needless to say, crafting and soaping is a far cry from legal work and debt collection 😉 4. What’s one thing you wish people knew about Small business owners?

You pour your heart and soul into it. It’s your baby. You breathed life into the idea and business and you do everything you can to keep it surviving. You stay up late, you are up early, you work on it on your corporate job breaks, your vacation time goes into the business vs taking a real vacation, you are 100% committed to it 24/7. I think often times social media is good at showing the highlight reels of the business, because that is what we want, but we often overlook the blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes.

Fort Morgan Colorado Bath and Body

5. Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years?

Well, our goal for 2019 is to double if not triple business like we did in 2018. 2018 was a big jump for us in many aspects, and we saw it pay off. So hopefully by 2020 we have met that goal we set this January. By 5 years we hope this is (and has been by then) a full time job for both my mom and I. And next 10 years...that’s a tough one, I don’t even know if I have truly thought that far out yet! We would really love a store front that also has a crafting studio in it. We would love to have a place where we can teach classes and do Make and Take parties. 6. Whom do you seek advice from for your business? Or who inspires you?

There’s a relatively large soaping community out there, believe it or not! We have been attending conferences since 2017 where we can hear successful business owners be the key note speakers, stay on top of trends, get mentoring, but also stay educated on FDA regulations.

Fort Morgan Colorado Bath and Body

7. What’s unique about your business?

Aside from being handmade and keeping the ingredients simple yet effective, I think what makes us unique is our desire to educate. My mom and I both have backgrounds in training and coaching, so we often use that in our 8. What is the biggest blessing of running your own business?

It’s given us the space to be creative again. Both my mom and I have always been creative in our hobbies. Before Simply Stated and my son, we spent a lot of time scrapbooking and handmaking cards, or crafting home decor, or baking and decorating cupcakes. My mom even brewed brew for a while! Aside from that, one of the biggest blessings of running your own business is just the fact that it is your own. You make the rules. You make the schedule. 9. Favorite color?

Purple...for both my mom and I haha! And you’ll notice that as a theme within our brand.

10. Favorite snack/dessert?

2 peas in a pod here, we’re all about the cake or cupcakes for dessert. But it has to be made with buttercream frosting and it has to be chilled in the fridge. Not that we’re picky or anything 😉 11. And how would you describe your personality?

I’m very Type A, thrive in organization and structure, and an “extroverted” Introvert. I get energized around a group of people and love meeting new people, but I desperately need to decompress afterwards and really value my alone time. I come from a long line of sarcastic personalities, but you only see that after I’ve warmed up to you. Apple didn’t fall from the tree as my mom is very much the same way!

Fort Morgan Colorado Bath and Body

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