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Business Feature: Brass and Boxes in Houston, Texas

I'm so honored to bring you an interview with Hope from Brass & Boxes.

I've been wanting to get one of her beautiful boxes for over a year now, and am finally adding one to my products!

I first heard about Hope when I joined the Motherhood Anthology Community. This group is amazing on its own, but they have some of the best high quality vendors they have partnered with. One, being Brass and Boxes.

So let me introduce you Hope, the owner and creator of Brass & Boxes. I hope you enjoy learning more about her and her business, I know I sure did!

Brass & Boxes out of Houston, Texas Heirloom packaging and wardrobe rentals
Brass & Boxes out of Houston, Texas Heirloom packaging and wardrobe rentals

Brass & Boxes out of Houston, Texas Heirloom packaging and wardrobe rentals

1. Can your provide me with a brief description of your business?

My goal in starting Brass & Boxes (B&B) is to help photographers provide the ultimate luxury client experience. Currently, Brass & Boxes provides heirloom packaging & wardrobe rentals primarily.

Brass & Boxes out of Houston, Texas Heirloom packaging and wardrobe rentals

2. How long have you been in business?

I opened B&B in June 2018!

3. What have you previously done and how does this business differ?

My first "adult" job was as a leasing agent for apartments and I absolutely loved it. When I had my son, I decided to part ways with the company I worked for and began working for my dad's IT business. I currently run the daily operations for the business while I build B&B up to being my full-time gig. Working in the family business has its difficulties, but it's allowed me great flexibility and taught me almost everything I need to know about running a business.

4. How did you get started in this business?

I've wanted to run my own business for as long as I can remember and previously ran a small Etsy shop that sold vinyl decals with a friend, but I knew it would not ever grow large enough to be my sole income. Allison Craig (Lentille Photography) and I were driving to a Dave Matthews concert in May of 2018 and began talking about the logistics of her client packaging and I ran with the idea. That was right before The Motherhood Anthology membership launched, so I worked hard to get everything ready to be a preferred vendor for TMA and it's been the best thing I could have ever hoped for since.

5. Why did you decide to open your business?

My dad has run his own business since I can remember and that has always stuck with me. He's also drilled into me to be independent and there's nothing more independent than making your money your own way.

Brass & Boxes out of Houston, Texas Heirloom packaging and wardrobe rentals

6. Whats one thing you wish people knew about small business owners?

Oh, this is a GREAT question! I have to believe that anyone that owns a small business has an internal drive that most people don't understand and we need support and encouragement by our community. It can be lonely being a business owner because the day-to-day problems aren't what the typical person has to deal with. It's so important to have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and supporters that remind us that we're doing this crazy thing for a reason and don't quit because it's hard.

7. Where do you see your business in the next year? in the next 5 years?

In a year from now, I plan on having a few other services fully running in Brass & Boxes to diversify a bit. In the next 5 years, my goal is to be well known in the industry as THE luxury client experience provider.

8. Whom do you seek advice from for your business?

I turn to Allison a lot to talk through ideas. She's been instrumental in helping come up with different ideas I would never think of. Jenny Cruger has been an incredible help many times, as well!

9. Whats unique about your business?

Selling product makes it difficult to be unique from your competition. That's where branding and client interaction comes in, in my opinion. I do my absolute best to create genuine connections with the women I've worked with and do my best to support them however possible. I am also constantly paying attention to what's said so I can potentially offer solutions down the road.

Brass & Boxes out of Houston, Texas Heirloom packaging and wardrobe rentals

10. What is the biggest blessing of running your own business?

Being a single mom, time and income is limited. Running my own business, while it's still in its infancy and not profitable just yet, still gives me more freedom to provide the best life I can for my son. He is my driving force for every decision I make.

11. Favorite Color?

My favorite color is grey! My son tells me all the time that it's "boring" hahah

12. Favorite snack/Dessert?

Chips and queso are forever life!

Brass & Boxes out of Houston, Texas Heirloom packaging and wardrobe rentals

13. And how would you describe your personality?

This is a tough question. I find myself conflicted with who I am in my actions and who I strive to be in my mind. I would like to think I'm super personable and a tad funny. I'm very self-conscious internally but try to not let that show, so I think I come off as a stronger personality type than I truly am at my core.

To contact Hope at Brass & Boxes

22155 Wildwood Park Rd

Richmond, TX 77469 832-513-9086 hope@brassandboxes.com

I cannot express enough how much I ENJOY learning more about other businesses. Finding out their “why” and getting a feel for who they are. I do hope you enjoyed learning more about Hope and her business “Brass and Boxes”.

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