• Emily Furman

Enjoy these moments...

You think you're prepared. After all, most everyone you meet always mentions how you need to enjoy these moments as they pass so quickly. Its the reoccurring message that you keep hearing...so you listen and take note. You buy a cute sign that says " Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow...for babies grow up we've learned to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs...and dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep." or anything similar so you can take note every time you see it.

You go through the motions of your day to day.You see that sign and it reminds you to stop and slow down for a bit. You're going to, but then those blasted dishes are driving you nuts. You wish that they would just take care of themselves, so you plan to do them when you lay your little one down to sleep. Only you don't. They fell asleep and somehow you just can't lay them down. You sit there forgetting those dishes, and just marvel at this little one you're holding. That little nose, so much like their daddy's nose. You savor this moment.

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Or maybe your day isn't quite like that. Someone is crying, laundry is piled on the couch so you can't even sit down without disturbing the pile. Your tired, you don't feel like your you anymore. Your days consist of pretty much the same thing. Calming fights, making sure kids are fed and have plenty of fluids, and if your lucky the house will be clean at least once during the day. You need a break! Someone slips their little fingers into yours. They want to walk with you as you get supper ready, as you bring more laundry to the pile. Their wobbly legs needing your hand for support. You loosen their grasp to readjust the laundry basket, and as your hand comes back down, they are instantly filled with those warm little fingers. How much easier it would be to get laundry dumped onto the pile without those fingers. But you savor it.

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Mamas, it doesn't have to be grand moments. It doesn't have to be moments where you made sparkly strawberry smelling play doh together, or where you went to the ballet/Monster Truck show with them, or the amount of gifts you gave them. It can be little moments, like these. Because today those tiny fingers no longer hold onto my fingers...today those fingers are helping me pull the laundry from our washer. Maybe one day that laundry task will be theirs and I'll just get a call from them asking how they can get some stain out of a shirt.

But I'm savoring them. Because they were right. They do grow up, so very fast.

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I want to encourage you at the end of the day to look back on it, even if it was the worst day ever and find a moment and treasure those memories. Write them down somewhere. During the day when you notice those moments try to get a picture. Mine are just phone pictures...but I treasure them. Because I forget.

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