• Emily Furman

Motherhood didn't start like I had dreamed it would.

I always wanted to be a mama. I use to dream about it as a child. I would be a kind mother, devoted to my children, Loving my children and all the while still being me. I knew there would be hard days, but on the whole I would just LOVE it.

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After my first, little Camden, I suffered with Postpartum Depression for close to 7 months. I felt as if I was failing at being a good mother and I only had one child. I had read about this happening and I knew accepting help, getting out and about, and taking care of myself could help. It mentioned the depths to which postpartum depression could go, but for me, I never wanted to hurt myself or my child. I just felt like I was missing something....that I wasn't me.

I didn't understand how a mother could feel this way? I was so excited to meet our little baby when I was pregnant, and when he was born, I cried because my love for him bubbled over. This wasn't how my motherhood journey was supposed to start.

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I had a rough start, those I was meant to trust (family, friends, nurses, lactation specialist, and Drs), made me feel pressured, and convinced me that I was failing my baby. I suddenly felt that I knew nothing and that I should just follow along with what everyone suggested.

The moment I remember the most clearly in this fog of postpartum depression was when I arrived at my sons baby shower. I was late, my son was crying (he was hungry and cried the whole drive over). I climbed the stairs with my crying baby and walked into the room and immediately all eyes were upon me. I saw my mom, and I went towards her...trying desperately to hold it together. I reached her and burst into tears, all those pressures of being a new mother had been building up. I was being pulled in so many different directions and just felt like I had to "deal" with it. but my mom saw "me". I remember her coming alongside me and as we turned to go downstairs I heard some of the ladies say how I had the "Baby blues". We went down and I sat in the sanctuary with my mom, crying... A short minute later a dear friend came and sat with us. I was encouraged to nurse my son, to take care of me and him first, and that all those upstairs could wait. I had been told to do what I felt I needed to do, what I should do..not what they thought I should do...or being told how I should do it. Simply to do what I needed to do. From the start of my labor I had been pressured to do things as others had suggested and to finally hear that I could do things the way I thought I should, was my turning point. So I did. I took care of my son, and I worked on caring for me.

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Ladies, our bodies go through so much the 9 months we carry our babies. After our babies are born, our bodies continue to change. We have a huge drop in hormones, we have to figure out life with a whole new person. Its a lot! The last thing we need is someone telling us what we should be doing.

So now, here I am. letting you know that its okay to do what you think you should, and that I am here. To be a listing ear, encourager, or to be that person that tells you to do what YOU think you should do. If you need help, holler at me. I am not just writing that. I mean that!! I needed someone to see "me". So if you need someone. I am here.

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