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Jarrell Family Session in Brush Colorado

Fall family portraits are a perfect time to capture your family. The leaves are changing, and the weather is cooling down. For family sessions I love providing clients with a full family wardrobe. Dresses for your little girls, gowns for mom, shirts for dad and even outfits for the little mister. Elizabeth had mentioned how neat the idea was, as it save her from having to coordinate and buy outfits for their session. I love being able to help choose outfits that compliment your family, but also photograph well. I want your family to be the focus. I want to capture those genuine moments within your family. The smiles, the giggles, the snuggles. Because thats a part of who you are, and its worth documenting.

Brush Colorado Family session

Brush Colorado Family session

I can't help but smile when I see these. I can remember the giggles. I can remember the smiles as I told the Jarrell kids they could sneak up and hug their parents.

Brush Colorado Family Session

Brush Colorado Family Session

I learned that Mr. Logan took me very literally in the fact that while I said walk slow...I didn't mean as slow as a turtle. But it did result in a perfect smile.

Brush Colorado Family Session

Brush Colorado Family Session Mother and son

Brush Colorado Family Session Mom and son

These moments. I know one day, my own son will limit his hugs for me...I am so happy that Elizabeth has this moment to treasure.

Brush Colorado Family Session dad and daughters

Brush Colorado Family Session Dad and daughters

Daddy and his girls.

Brush Colorado Family Session Dad and daughters

Brush Colorado Family Session Kids snuggling

I'm writing this post and I can't help but smile at these kids. They have such fun personalities, and contagious smiles.

Brush Colorado Family Session family hug

Do you know someone who would enjoy a family session? I’d love to talk with them about my beautiful Family sessions. Whimsy Moments Photography is an on location natural light photographer. Whimsy Moments Photography specializes in Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography serving Brush, Fort Morgan, Wiggins, Greeley, Kersey, Woodrow, Last Chance, Limon, Akron, Byers, Strasburg, and Bennett areas. To book a session please visit my home page www.whimsymomentsphotography.com and contact me! I can’t wait to meet you and I’m so happy that you stopped by!

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