• Emily Furman

Fresh 48 Session Prep Guide

I love the emotion and intimacy that a fresh 48 session has.

You are able to capture such beautiful and unique emotion within a family as they welcome their new little family member.

Okay, Lets go over some details.

When to let me know:

The sooner the better! Heading to the hospital, in labor (okay, probably not, but you get the idea), or even after your little one has arrived. Whatever is most convenient for you!

What to wear:

Whatever your comfortable in.

Some gals dress up in a nice white, cream or lace robe, some wear their jammies. If you feel like putting some makeup on go for it! The whole point is to capture the emotion between your family at this moment.

I would stay away from patterns and prints and bright or dark colors. The lighter colors such as whites, creams and light pastels help bounce light and are just amazing to photograph.

My suggestion: a nice robe, one so you are aomfortable but you also feel a little gussied up, A simple cami and some pants (maternity jeans, Jammie pants, yoga pants whatever). Can’t go wrong with dad in a white undershirt (with sleeves) and jeans.

These are just suggestions, ultimately I just want YOU comfortable.

For more insprration please check out my Pintrest.

What should baby wear:

Honestly, let’s get that hospital blanket, those tiny hospital diapers, those mittens the hat, then if you would like we can put baby in your cute blanket, hat, or bow you brought. Simple is best!

Where will this take place:

In your hospital room. Don't worry about a thing, you can stay put where your most comfortable. I was a mover so I got up and walked around, but some moms like to just relax in bed, or on a chair. Ill be able to capture everything for you just perfect in your room. The only thing I'll need is for the windows to be open (natural light is SO AMAZING)! I do understand that some hospitals may not have good natural light so I will come prepared!

How long is a fresh 48 session:

Honestly this session is usually pretty short, the more people you include the longer it can take but I’ve been in and out in 30 minutes.

What about our family and guests:

If you want to include them I’m happy to oblige! We can get grandma snuggling her new grandkid, we can get big brother or sister too.

Extra information:

Now to save you time, you can follow this link. to sign the contract. Then I can just get to work as soon as I show up.

Thats it! If you have any questions, you just holler at me!

Know someone who is expecting? I’d love to talk with them about my beautiful Maternity and Newborn sessions. Whimsy Moments Photography is an on location natural light photographer. Whimsy Moments Photography specializes in Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography serving Brush, Fort Morgan, Wiggins, Greeley, Kersey, Woodrow, Last Chance, Limon, Akron, Byers, Strasburg, and Bennett areas. To book a session please visit my home page www.whimsymomentsphotography.com and contact me! I can’t wait to meet you and I’m so happy that you stopped by!

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