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Beloved Session

My older sister has met the man of her dreams!

I did have to let the mister know, the first day I met him, that if he hurt my sister I would hurt him...all without realizing, the knife I was using while cutting potatoes, was also being used to threaten with. Sorry Jordan...but I do believe you got the point.

My sister and I are a year and 2 days apart. We have always been close and sometimes mistaken as twins because of that closeness. Its a closeness I hope and pray my own girls have towards each other. I want her happy, she deserves such a wonderful guy, that I wanted to make sure this guy was worthy of her. 

She seemed happy with him. So naturally I got excited. I have been so blessed in my own relationship with my husband that all I wanted was for her to find someone that fit her.  She seemed to have found it.

I had just revamped my engagement sessions.  My engagement sessions are now called a "Beloved Session" Because of the meaning of Beloved: dearly loved. Dear to the heart.​ This session is for couples, married, dating, or engaged. But its a session that just shows the love between the couple. I was so excited to be able to capture their love for each other.

So take a look at their beautiful "Beloved Session". Can you see how happy she is?

Beautiful engagement session in the winter by the river in Brush Colorado
Beautiful Engagement session in Brush Colorado by the River

Beautiful Engagement session in the winter in Brush Colorado by the river

Beautiful Winter Engagement session in Brush, Colorado

"I have found the one whom my soul loves..." Song of Solomon 3:4

Know someone who is engaged? I’d love to talk with them about my beautiful sessions. Whimsy Moments Photography is an on location natural light photographer. Whimsy Moments Photography specializes in Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography serving Brush, Fort Morgan, Wiggins, Greeley, Kersey, Woodrow, Last Chance, Limon, Akron, Byers, Strasburg, and Bennett areas. To book a session please visit my home page www.whimsymomentsphotography.com and contact me! I can’t wait to meet you and I’m so happy that you stopped by! 

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