• Emily Furman

Preparing for your Portrait Session

Your beautiful session is coming up, and I cannot wait to capture your family! (This is such an honor and joy!) My goal is to have a beautiful, fun, and engaging session. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your session.

Tip One: Clothing

Did you know I provide a wardrobe for my clients?

I do! I have gowns for mom, shirts for dad, boys, girls, and toddler clothes, baby outfits and so much more! We can talk and pick out the best look for your session.  I’ll create a style board with some options I feel would best suit your session, and we can try them on, change some outfits for a different one, to fully customize your session so that you feel and look your best!

Don’t like what you see? Let me know and we can look at some options to add something to my wardrobe. You are also more than welcome to wear your own!

If you do choose to wear your own clothing I strongly suggest sending me pictures of what your thinking and staying within the light Pastels colors, creams, light or heather grey and  light browns/tans are best.  They are the least likely to color cast (This can happen when the sun or light hits the color of your clothing and reflects it onto your skin).

Unmentionables (Undies):

Ladies: Make sure you have a comfortable well fitted bra that is neutral in color. Your undies, please check to make sure that you cannot see a panty line, or that they are not too tight or loose. 

Men: Lets pull those pants up so we don't see your drawers. And if your tucking in your shirt a nice belt can help polish up the look.

Kids: Clean undies and backup undies are requested. If your little one is still in diapers please bring a diaper cover or tuck the extra into the pants

This can save hours on editing. 

Comfort: Please make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. Especially shoes! We sometimes do a little bit of walking. 

Tip Two: Relax! Have fun! 

This is so important, I believe if you are having fun you will relax. So we will play games, try things and I'll give you prompts. I just need you to trust me, and even if it sounds silly, give it a try. The results are always amazing! 

Tip Three: Give yourself plenty of time to get ready

Rushing to the session will most likely result in a rushed feeling during the session, which can cause stress for you and your family.

Tip Four: Make sure your kiddos (and you) are well-rested.

A toddler who is tired will tend to shy away from the camera, and they can appear cranky. The same goes for adults. Get plenty of sleep (as much as you can with kids). 

Tip Five: Don't come hungry!

Especially for children, if they are hungry they tend to act on it and may be done before the session starts. If you want you can bring snacks along (Goldfish, fruit snacks and other non messy snacks are ideal)

Extra tidbit:

Something you should know about your session. I do pose, but I also believe in having fun and capturing your families natural moments through play. A lot of the emotion I capture is not fake, it is true emotion. 

Thats all for now! If you have any questions just give me a holler! I am more than happy to help! 

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