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Your Legacy

When I was young, our home was flooded, water came 18 inches into our home. Most of my baby pictures were damaged from the water.

Water damaged pictures of Emily

You may think, "Oh thats not so bad, your face is still visible." But these 4 and a couple that were kept in my baby book are all I have. The picture of papa (My dad) holding me is hardly recognizable. The few that I have with mom in them are completely ruined.

Water damaged picture of Emily
Fine Art Prints and Products

You know those cute comparison photos people do when they have a baby so they can compare who their little one looks most like? I had hardly anything to compare to. I can see my similarities in them, when I look at them. But when I'm gone and they stumble across pictures of me...can they see that I'm a part of them? I sure hope so, I hope they can see past the yellow blotches and see those big round eyes, the round face shape, the ornery expressions.

Baby Book

Digitals (Cd, USB, online gallery, emails, etc) would have prevented this whole thing right? I could just grab that wonderful Floppy disk and go to my computer now and print more off right?


Did you know that I had to order a CD drive for my computer? It didn't even have/come with a CD drive. They are discontinuing CD drives in computers. How much longer will USB's be around?

Technology is always changing. So how can we pass along "us", our legacy, to our children?

Let me make a suggestion. Print your pictures, invest in quality portraits that have archival quality. I know what you may be thinking...But my prints were ruined so why would I recommend printing? Because my mom had professional portraits taken and then paid for the prints and gave some to my Grandparents. My grandparents have pictures of me without water damage on them. Those framed portraits of us kids, that my mom saved for, were hung up. Meaning they were way above the 18 inches the flood water came up to. She actually still has them. We have moved over 6 times (From North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma, to Colorado) and those always made the move. A floppy disk, or CD may not have made the move as well as those framed portraits did.

So, how can I help?

Your session, my art, I take great pride in creating. Trust me. I have checked the archival quality on these beautiful products and if cared for properly they can last a lifetime. I have specifically chosen products that last. Prints that last, companies that I can calibrate to match their printers. Because this is not just a session, to me, this is my art. When you purchase a beautiful art piece you get the matching digital file with it. Thats two options of preserving your legacy.

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