• Emily Furman

Hunter Family Session

This is a beautiful family. This session was beautiful. I worked with Renee for a short bit at Eben Ezer in Brush, CO. I remember her pregnant with her youngest when I first started working there. It amazes me how fast time goes. When your little you feel like it takes forever for you to get older, and once your older time flies.

Dan is my sister in laws brother. I of course found this out last year when I took family portraits with my mother in law and Ms. Stephanie joined us for a few. Makes the world seem small. These two handsome boys did so well for this session.

With each family session I do try to get a couple alone for a few, so they can have a moment for just them, even if it is just a moment. Couples need that.


Oh what a beautiful fun family session. I just have a heart for this. Creating a moment for you to treasure and pass down to your children one day. LOVE THIS!

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