• Emily Furman

Fast and the Furious Senior Portraits for Roth

This session was one that I just knew would turn out wonderful. It involved a car. My husband is very into cars and has been wonderful in educating me in all things vehicles. I am very blessed to have him, because in this session his expertise paid off and we were able to recreate some wonderful Fast and the Furious style Senior pictures...and just outside of Fort Morgan even!

The weather had been nasty the day the session was scheduled so we scooted it back a few days and the weather was PERFECT!

I love this, you can see Travis' last name tattooed on his arm, as he sits in his mustang.

Travis is a very quiet and polite gentleman. Did you know we had to reschedule his Senior session? You see the day before his session i got a call that there had been a car accident, I am SO GLAD he was okay, but very sorry to hear his car had been totaled. I told them I was more than happy to postpone the session for a time when they were ready.

I didn't have to wait too long, but these beautiful portraits are well worth the wait. A new car, and a Senior well on his way to making his own path in this world. I hope the best for you Travis!

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