• Emily Furman

Brody turns ONE!

Do you see this handsome fella?!

Newborn in Dirt bike tire with helmet and boots

Here he is now.

One year boy in pedal car with blue balloons smiling

Brody has been in my "Watch me Grow" sessions so I have been so blessed to watch him grow. from a cuddly newborn (Who smiled the most out of all my newborns) to an active one year old. This little guy has grown so much in between each session, and I love when we have another session coming up because I can see what new things he has learned or discovered.

One year boy with blue balloon smiling inside on chair

So here, for his one year session, I noticed this fella was so so close to walking. So close. He is so talkative, and he makes the perfect engine noises!

One year old in pedal car making engine noises

Can't you can almost hear that engine? Brody was cruising down a country lane in the evening. Something I love doing!

Family of 3 smiling with their one year old

Not only does your little one change but so do you, the parents. You may not notice any physical changes but you have grown this first year with him. You have learned to become a mother or father, to love someone you have never met, to survive with little to no sleep. You have grown with your little one. Your family has grown and you are more unique for it!

Capturing your little one's first year is such a special treat for me to capture. Holler if you are interested in learning more.

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