• Emily Furman

Courthouse Wedding

I received a phone call one day for a wedding, I was in the middle of setting up for a cake smash and was asked about my pricing for a wedding. Normally I don't do weddings. I like to keep my life stress free. I'm afraid dealing with guests and certain brides just wouldn't be my cup of tea. But something about their request stuck with me. I had already told them to check with some other photographers who do specialize in weddings...but felt like I needed to call them back.

They were just doing a courthouse wedding in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Nothing super fancy but they wanted to remember the day.

It was a beautiful day. How pretty is the red against the black and gold?! The courthouse itself was a very short ceremony of about 15 minutes. So I took them to my favorite spot for some portraits.

The beautiful fall colors, the emotion...so beautiful.

So happy I was able to provide them a day of memories. When I delivered their portraits, I was told how beautiful they were, how I had done more than they expected, and was asked for a business card. You may not know this, but I doubt myself after every session. Being able to hear and see the emotion as they saw their portraits was unforgetable. I knew that I had given them what they wanted. I was valued, my work was loved. Best feeling in the world! I hope a long and wonderful marriage to this beautiful couple!

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