• Emily Furman

Senior Portraits

This family is always a joy to photograph. I have not yet photographed the entire family, just the oldest, youngest, and the mother. But I LOVE this family. They are always very happy, supportive, and love my work! I had actually considered making this year my last year for Senior portraits. I enjoy them, just not near as much as Maternity, Newborn, and Family portraits.

THIS. SESSION. THOUGH... Now i'm not sure what I should do next year. I loved this session and it reminded me of how fun this can be. (But what do you think? Should I retire my Senior sessions or maybe give next year another go?)

High School Senior standing against fall tree

Jess is a natural in front of the lens. She has a wonderful personality and was more than happy to walk all over in the trees to try out an idea I had. I knew as soon as we got to this tree, that this picture would need to be blown up into a 16x24 Metal portrait. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! (Mom loved it and they took it home the day of their reveal).

High School Senior leaning against tree in Brush, CO

This light, the colors, the Senior. All of this just came together for the perfect session. Jess, YOU are beautiful, and you blew me away with this session. I have so many new favorites from this session. You are a wonderful young lady and I hope the rest of your Senior year is amazing!

High School Senior Sitting on Log in Brush, CO

I'm more than happy to travel for sessions. If fact we were planning a trip to the mountains, but time got away. These were all taken on one location, that is on private property that I can legally use.

High School Senior among Cotton Pods in Fort Morgan, CO

You see I have walked and walked this area several times, and each season something is different. In the spring there are wildflowers (White ones and yellow ones) in the summer there is Baby's breath, and fall these cotton pods and the leaves on the trees. Right now in winter it is kinda bare, but I know of a little creek, a willow tree with a patch of winter grass underneath, or the pond, or the red reeds that can provide the pop of color. This area provides me with so many different styles all within one location. I have pasture, trees, river and pond. I love this area. But hey, thats just me. If your looking for something unique and want to try a different area, let me know. I'll go scout it out, make sure I can legally use it, make sure its safe (No bulls in that pasture, no crazy squatter sitting on the property, the river is not in flood stage, etc.) Because I want you to love your session. I want this to be YOURS! If your interested in a Family, Senior, Maternity or Newborn session, just send me an email! I would love to customize a session for you!

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