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Jaxson McMullen's Newborn Session

First, I just want to start off with how unique  and fun Jaxson's name is. It fit him perfectly! But also literally, the blocks spelling out his name fit perfectly along his back.

I'm not sure another letter would have fit. 

I love newborns. I have probably told most of my clients that bring their sweet babies in, that I think God made me hate pregnancy because he knew how much I LOVED newborns. So instead of having a house full of kids, I'm blessed with a talent that I use to pause time for a moment and create beautiful memories for my clients.

That handsome face, and those tiny fingers peeking out.

Such tiny feet, so perfect.

A head full of blonde hair. Goodness Mr. Jaxson was such a good little fella during his session. Although he did make me work a little bit for this next picture...but I feel it is so worth it.

His sweet lips. I was almost afraid we wouldn't get this. Some babies just don't like to be posed a certain way, and I sure don't force them. My training in these poses and wrapping has equipped me to always know and keep your new little one safe.  But Mr. Jaxson just needed a little time to relax and snuggle onto the football . So before I move on to the family pictures I just have to share a few more of my personal favorites. 

Okay, now let's see mom and dad.

I love how Tyler is looking at his son, so happy, and Jaxson is just studying his dads face. 

Family portraits during a newborn session are so important for me. I want mothers and fathers to see this beautiful emotion they have for their sweet little one. How a family can grow not just by adding a person but with love. 

Oh! Could you tell this session was done during the eclipse? No?! The light that day was very yellow thenalmost gone, so I had my studio lighting ready! I can't help but think that while many looked to the sky I had a much more precious thing to capture and hold.

Much better to look at too. :) 

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