• Emily Furman

Brody's 9 Month Session

Mr. Brody has always been one of my favorite little fellas, even before he was born. His mama's maternity session was beautiful, then he was a perfect little newborn (Slept so good and had lots of smiles), a smiley 3 month old...a slightly grumpy 6 month old (Although I don't blame him...I hate mornings too), and now a fun happy talkative 9 month old! We (Brody's parents and I) have been planning and looking forward to this session for MANY months. A bath session in the summer, is there anything better?! So when the time came, we planned for an evening session, to get that beautiful golden light, but still have some warmth from the day.


BUT before we get to the bath part of the session, we started in studio, the Bristol's always bring such amazing props. This time it was a neat rocking horse. I love incorporating props for parents. I think I may need to invest in a rocking horse for the studio, because I loved it!

Brody Riding rocking horse
Brody standing up

Oh what a cutie!! Look at how happy he is!

Brody sitting grabbing his boots

Those dark brown eyes, that beautiful brown hair...Did you also know that Mr. Brody has LONG eyelashes? He is such a handsome little fella. I love that I get to hold him every session. I think this guy is going to be walking next time I see him...

Okay, lets move onto the bath! This is what I'm most excited to show you....



Brody in the bubble bath

Brody's toes on the tub

Brody's expression as a bubble popped

A bubble had just popped to the right of Brody...you can see the little specs of it, and His expression is perfect.

Smiling in the tub

Towel on his head

And these are just my personal favorites (and not even all of my favorites...it was so hard to choose). That beautiful golden light, warm summer days, and a sweet little boy all make for a perfect session. So many beautiful memories. It is a JOY to be able to save this moment for my clients.

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