• Emily Furman

Kasey at 6 months

Kasey is 6 months old! 6 months has flown by!! It feels like I had just taken his Newborn pictures and here he is smiling and halfway to one year! Since Kasey is part of the family, I get to watch him grow and discover new things through Facebook or during visits. I love hearing how he is enjoying his new discovery with foods and it often reminds me of how my oldest was, who will be 5 this year. When they say time goes by fast, it surely does!!

When Jason and Andrea announced they were expecting they posted a picture of three pairs of cowboy boots, so a little western theme for his 6 month session would be perfect!

Kersey, Colorado Milestone session, Photographer, Cowboy 6 months

What a handsome little cowboy!

Andrea sure does love her little Fella, and you can just see how much he loves her. He lights up when she talks to him, he loves to watch her when she talks. Even when I held him, he would always look for his mama, and smile away. There is just something special with little ones and their mamas.

What a beautiful family and a special session. I can't wait for more! I love capturing family sessions. Portraits help freeze time for a moment, provide you with something to look back on and remember your little family at a specific moment.

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