• Emily Furman

Welcome to my "Studio"

Hello! I want to share my "studio" with you.

I'm going to be completely honest with you, I don't have a legitimate studio. In fact, my area is not mine. Its located in the lower addition at my in-laws house, But its a place that central to both Brush and Fort Morgan and I can travel to the studio or a clients home instead of having to provide directions to my house, because I live 45 minutes away.

I would love to have a studio one day. A nice place that I can dedicate solely to my photography, a little open/closed sign, oh yes, I dream of a studio. But for now, This is what I have.

When I give you directions to my place, its not down main street, nor in town, in fact its between two towns (Fort Morgan and Brush), in the country by the river. We have turkeys here, deer, and other critters. When you pull in the drive, you see a beautiful house on the left ....thats not our place, its our neighbors. You keep driving and see the road branch off and a blue house up on the hill. Yes, thats where I am, in the blue house.

When you come to my door its a little tough to open, but I hope that as soon as you step in you can smell my mulled cider candle (I discovered this last fall and may end up buying some more this fall), see a spot on the couch that looks extra comfy and can just feel welcome. Because you are. You are most welcome in my home/studio.

Here is my living area. The couch, rocking chair, and recliner are all yours as we do your newborn session, or as we gaze upon the images from your most recent session at the reveal night. Do you see that beautiful canvas? Oh! I'll show it to you! Its my most favorite glimpse into how much my three hooligans can love each other. The canvas, and my collage of fine art matted prints from previous sessions are a small sample of products I offer. You can look it over, see them, imagine those fine art prints resting beautifully in a gallery box on your coffee table, the mat enhancing the colors, the plastic cover protecting the print from little cheeto hands (They sure have for me!)

Lets move on. Would you like to see my props?

Here they are!

These are my headbands, hats, crowns and little outfits you can select from for your session. Don't see what you like? Let me know! I love to make new things for sessions! You are also more than welcome to bring things you would like incorporated, we may not get to them, but I will sure try!

My boxes, baskets, and bins...well except the egg basket in front, thats my moms, it was actually her grandma Paddocks, so its a family treasure, that I get to use. :)

My wraps bin. Here we select colors to wrap your sweet little one in to get them nice and snuggled up (This helps them fall asleep as well). These colors can be used to compliment the nursery style or your home theme. My favorites are the tans and creams, they go with most any style and theme just perfect.

Inside my Buffet, I have blankets and throws and other piece that we can add to a prop for a little extra color, texture or just for fun. My buckets and bins on the bottom hold my Backdrops. These backdrops are for your newborn session. The sea foam green can be paired perfectly for the little miss in the coral wrap with a matching headband or for a little fella with the cutest bow tie.

Here is the business part. This is my contract and my phone, but its not my phone I want you to see, its the little tail thing attached to my phone. That is my Square card reader. It means I can accept credit cards! YAY!

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