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Newborn Session Prep Guide

Oh! I  am so glad you stopped by to read this. I can't wait to capture your sweet little one. 

Newborn sessions are one of my favorites. We work with your little baby and their needs. I have taken Newborn Safety in both Wrapping and Posing so that I can ensure your baby is comfortable and safe at all times.

Okay, lets talks about how to prepare.

When should you schedule your session? Schedule early! Anytime during your second or third trimester of pregnancy to make sure theres time open for your session (Especially during the busy months Spring-Fall) my dates fill up fast!

Already had your little one? I do leave a spots every month for just this. Call, text, or email me and we can set up the best time for us to get those portraits done.

Scheduling your session(s)

You just had your baby and are marveling at all those beautiful features.  

Fresh 48: Would you like to capture those precious moments their first 48 hours. I offer a Free Fresh 48 session to the mamas who book a newborn session with me that deliver either at the Brush, Colorado Hospital or the Fort Morgan, Colorado hospital (other locations are available but for a mileage charge). This is a short hospital session to capture those new moments with your new little one while at the hospital. 

Newborn session: I suggest scheduling during the 6 to 14 days after your baby's birth. Why is this time so important? You baby sleeps best during this time, your probably all caught up on all the testing the hospital needs to do, filing all the necessary paperwork, and you don't want to miss the details that change so quickly as they grow.

Where does the session take place?

Let me come to you! We can do either posed or lifestyle sessions within your own home. Your session includes family portraits (so parents, siblings and pets are welcome but you don't have to stress about all being ready at the same time or staying clean and ready the whole time). Don't worry about getting your baby out in the cold, or heat, don't worry about running late (You have plenty of time to get ready while I focus on capturing your baby first). We can plan out and discuss props and colors before hand and I will bring everything needed and that we have discussed. 

I do suggest that we keep the house a touch warmer (Around 75 degrees). Newborns are used to being all warm and snuggled up tight so having the temperature at 75 degrees can help make the session flow more smoothly. 

 Light is also very important. I prefer natural light, so opening the curtains or blinds is always wonderful. If its cloudy out, I do have a light I bring as backup (I actually had to use it during the Eclipse in 2017). If your little one is hungry, we will take a break so you can nurse or give a bottle. I take my cues from your baby. A Newborn with a full belly, warm room, and light are all I need.

How long can a session last? Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. It all depends on baby’s mood. I don't rush through, or push your baby. I work with them, I settle them into a pose, I watch them, I capture. 

Most importantly Just Relax! I'm professionally trained in newborn safety in posing and wrapping. I watch their breathing, the circulation, make sure there is not pressure on joints,and know how to do a composite so that they are fully supported at all time. If at anytime you are uncomfortable please let me know and we can adjust or move on.

Don't worry about home noises startling your baby. It always amazed me how babies slept through a sibling screaming, or being bumped as their sibling joined mom on the couch, or the dog barking. Its life and we will capture it as it is. 

What should you wear?

For mom:  let’s take a look at my studio wardrobe and find the perfect gown or outfit for your session. Don’t see what you like? Let’s plan the perfect wardrobe for you session.

For men: I also provide shirts for men to wear, we can pick and plan the perfect shirt to compliment your gown or outfit. 

For children: studio wardrobe is available for all ages, my children wardrobe continues to grow and I love to pair the perfect outfits together!

Thats it!

I can't wait to capture this session for you! If you have any questions before hand, get a hold of me through email or on the phone. Again, Congratulations on your new little one!

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