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A little bit of both...

This summer I have a special going on, Book a session and get a free 8X10. I was called by this wonderful family about doing a family session and a Maternity session. Maternity sessions just are my thing, so of course I was on board to doing both! They were from Otis, CO and were completely open to any location ideas I had in mind. I love this River bottom property I am able to use in between Brush, CO and Fort Morgan, CO. It has trees, open pasture, river, and a small little pond. So many beautiful touches in one location! The day of this shoot, we had beautiful weather (no wind or rain which can sometimes show up unannounced at any moment in Colorado). We started on the Maternity first while we waited for the rest of the family group to arrive. I got to meet Ms. Tessa and Sterling (Yes, like the city of Sterling, CO). They were AMAZING!! So fun, open to try anything. Sterling was wonderful for lightening the mood, always ready for a joke, And Ms. Tessa, so quiet and calm, she was so beautiful to photograph. She had this wonderful timeless beauty to her, and for being at the end of her pregnancy, she looked so beautiful! We stayed by the pond, the green of the grass against her blue dress just complimented each other.

I flew through my ideas, which surprised me, because we had laughed so often during all this that I just knew I had spent too much time on the maternity and pushing my family session time, nope. But just like Colorado does, clouds came in and darkened, so we wrapped it up and moved on.

The sweet emotion between these two made picking favorite images so difficult. I had tender moments, and I had laughing moments...but the tender moments, and emotion won out.

All family sessions are different, no two are the same. This would be my first "Large" family session. 10 people to pose, and make sure they were all looking at the camera, and in focus, and not blinking. I took so many pictures. SO MANY! It paid off, I didn't have to do a single head swap. This image was perfect, everyone looking, no one blinking.

Again in the midst of this Sterling made jokes, and well....just look

There must never be a dull moment in this family. I laughed so much and just really enjoyed this session. So much fun and love visible through this family. I was glad to get a glimpse of it.

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