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How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session!

When to Schedule:

If you are in your second trimester, and want to make sure you get a spot on the calendar, go ahead and schedule a date around when you will be between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy! This will allow us time to plan and prepare, so that your session can be fun and relaxing. I strongly suggest around 32 weeks so if we need to reschedule for

weather or other circumstances we have time to do so.

Brush Colorado Maternity session

What should you wear/bring:

Lets choose from my client wardrobe, the perfect look for your session. I am so pleased to have gowns for mom, dresses for your little girl, shirts for your husband and son, to help take some of the hassle of planing clothes for your session.

Depending on the gown will depend what you can wear underneath! I do recommend A well-fitted nude strapless bra or a bra with removable straps and supportive maternity shape-wear will make anything you wear look better (Please NO tight undies, they tend to leave unflattering lines underneath some of the more fitted gowns).

Your maternity session is a wonderful reason to pamper yourself! Treat yourself to hair and makeup and a manicure before your shoot. know and feel your best for your session. Your hands will be seen in some of the photos. A simple buff or clear polish will give you the most timeless look.


At your session consultation we can plan and discuss your session, and your vision. I can help you choose a location from there. I have a spot close to the river that provides a variety of looks for your session. Tall trees, thick pasture grass, river bank, and pond. All of this in one location makes it optimal for you. We can capture so many looks. The most flattering light is just after sunrise and just before sunset. Its not too bright and just flatters folks so nicely during their session. Have a location you prefer? Thats okay too! Just let me know and I’ll check into it. If you’ve chosen a location that requires a permit or fee, we will make sure that is taken care of well in advance of the session day.

Partners, Siblings, and Pets:

Although some women are more relaxed being the only subject at their maternity session, most gals want to include their partner, children, or even their pets. Partners and children should stay in the same range of tones that photographs well (light grey, cream and pastels). Choose from my family wardrobe. If you are including siblings and/or pets, it’s often a good idea to take photographs with them first (while they are “fresh” and most excited).

Extra details: Be sure to drink plenty of water. Wear comfy easy to change into and out of clothes (button up shirt to avoid messing up your hairdo and makeup). Comfy shoes are always important! You can bring your dressy shoes, but chances are we won’t see them with the gowns, and barefoot always give a more classic simplistic look.

I also suggest bringing bug spray (there is a kind that works on thicks as well and its one of my favorites)!

Last But Not Least:

Relax! Your maternity session should be a lot of fun. Trust me. You might be surprised at how amazing the light is in that “ugly” location or how lovely you look next to certain objects. However, you should always feel comfortable, it’s always okay to say no, your comfort and safety are my top priority.

I can’t wait to capture this beautiful time for you!

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