• Emily Furman

Andrea's Maternity

Andrea is a (second?) cousin to my husband Jon, but they are more like brother and sister. So when Andrea announced she was expecting I began planning my FIRST Styled Maternity Shoot, in hopes that she would pick me to be her photographer for such a special time. I'm so glad she did, because I feel like we were able to create such beautiful memories for her and Jason.

Andrea and Jason are just a wonderful couple, they had a beautiful wedding in June 2015, which my sweet little boy was the ring bearer of (more like self designated bug destroyer. Who knew a pillow could be so versatile?!). When they are together you can just see how much they care for each other. Most men hate taking pictures...they just do. But when I asked Jason if he "minds taking the maternity pictures" he just said "No." PHOTOGRAPHERS DREAM COME TRUE RIGHT THERE! Having a couple both present and willing to have their pictures taken can result in some amazing images. They came to Brush, Colorado, from Kersey area, for this location. All the rain this year has made everything nice and green, and this pond has more water in it than in years past.

Just look at how they are together. Can you see it? Can you see how they care for each other and their little baby? I can't capture emotion that isn't there. Yes, I can tell them to pose a certain way or to smile or to kiss, but to see true emotion and capture that, it has to be there.

When doing a Styled Maternity Shoot, I offer expectant mamas hair and makeup and a choice of a beautiful gown from my collection to wear and enjoy during their shoot. This is one way I like to make them feel special and to help them feel as beautiful, as they are, during these last few months of pregnancy...because lets face it, sometimes you can feel quite the opposite (I know I did). We were running a little behind for the shoot that day, first time seeing how long hair and makeup would take. So we had to move indoors for a few more. I had my heart set on silhouettes...and my husband and I had set this scene up that morning and afternoon. I had an image in mind, and Look! Here it is!

What do you think? I just love this vintage feel it gives. We got multiple images with this set up including silhouettes as well as some where she is fully lit....but I can't help but feel as if this is my favorite. Are photographers allowed to have favorites? I think seeing an idea work and come out better than I had imagined is what makes this my favorite. Thank you Andrea and Jason for allowing me to capture these memories!

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