• Emily Furman

Mother and Daughter

I have been a photographer for a few years and have always wanted to capture a Mother daughter session. My patience paid off as I was requested for that exact type of session. I began researching and preparing poses to show the love and bond between a mother and daughter, There is so much inspiration out there to see, but nothing can truly capture the emotion unless it is there. This beautiful little duo was perfect! You could see the bond between these two, and all the fun moments were just them enjoying each others company. Hannah had went to school in Woodrow, Colorado with my brother, so we both had something in common...being we both knew my brother. Hannah and her daughter Peyton are just so fun and outgoing, full of personality. We met in Akron, Colorado and we tried several locations. We live in Colorado on the eastern plains and sometimes our area can appear pretty drab...so finding a beautiful location and using what is available is a challenge. We just have to find the beauty in it. I love dirt roads. There is simplicity, quiet, and adventure down these roads. We traveled from an old barn, to the Akron Pond and finished up just as the sun was setting East of the Fremontte Buttes. So glad we were able to capture a variety of areas, all located just minutes in or around Akron. There is beauty even in the dry eastern plains of a small town, and especially when you get a mother and daughter duo such as these two! 

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