• Emily Furman

The End of one journey is sometimes a start to another.

Being a Senior in high school is such a busy and special time. For most High School Seniors this last year of high school flies by. You just started and next thing you know you are walking down with a cap and gown. The day of Mercedez shoot it was raining..and windy...but I kept hoping we would get a short break in the rain...the time for the shoot got closer and closer, and still it was raining. Did we cancel? Nope, we waited. and our patience paid off, the rain slowed and eventually quit. I'm so glad it did! I have lived in Northeastern Colorado for 9 years, and the weather still surprises me. It can change so fast. This time I was so glad it did. We had so many fun ideas to try. First we stayed close to the trees, to keep dry as it was still sprinkling,

This shot was a request of the mom, She has a similar image of her daughter at a younger age, so we recreated it, and I'm so in love with this.

As we finished up this session I asked if there were any photos she wanted. :) Because this is your session and I want to make sure you are happy with your session. So we looked through her phone and found a few more to try and I am so glad we did, because we got this.

We did not intend for her class ring to match the sunflowers, that was a wonderful coincidence. I just loved this session. I hope there is more in the future with this lovely young lady!

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